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Karen Seymour

Tack Fusing Video

Enamel Play Day

Part 1 Video: Tools and Mixing

Per 2 Video: Enamel 2 Examples

Part 3 Video: Enamel 3 Examples and Discussion

“Pricing Your Glass” Panel Discussion Videos and Handouts

July’s Zoom Panel on Pricing was recorded for those not able to make it. We now have a YouTube Chanel for hosting our videos. How to Price Your Glass on July 29th was a fabulous Zoom meeting with presenters: Mitzi Kugler, Linda Gerard and Bob Heath. 25 people attended all the way from Santa Barbara and Bend, Oregon.Handouts are also available. Links to the videos and handouts are provided below and please download the PDF’s and follow along:

Part 1 Video: Mitzi Kugler

Part 2 Video: Linda Gerrard

Part 3 Video: Bob Heath

Roll Up Video:

Ann Cavanaugh, Kevin Kanyo, and Vicky Green bring their 8″ X 10″ glass panels to Nichols Art Glass and Andy Nichols and Charlene Fort create the finished roll-ups.

Presentation Video provided by: Nichols Art Glass