Kyle Kraiter’s studio

Location:9254 SW North Dakota St, Portland, OR 97223
Phone:503 707-6988

Glass blowing and "hot glass" demonstration.

Upcoming events

  • 02/16/2020 1:00 pm - 02/16/2020 3:00 pm

    Kyle Kraiter will demonstrate glass blowing at his studio.

    Parking is on SW. N. Dakota St.  The studio is the garage-like building next to the house.

    Kyle has worked in small private studios making decorative ware, the historic Boda factory bringing famous Swedish design to life, and architectural studios making large installations for palaces, homes, and hotels.

    The history, design, and technique of the many different studios Kyle has been in help to shape his work, but the people, land, and culture of the different places he has traveled are in every piece Kyle makes. Kyle’s most important influence is where he calls home. Growing up in Oregon and being a surfer he has always been surrounded by beautiful nature. Two of the strongest influences would have to be the ocean and the human form. This can be seen in a strong focus on line and form with simple coloration.


    Kyle’s work is a unique culmination of his experiences. Not just the countless number of artists he has worked with, but the people he has met, and the natural beauty of the places he has lived. You can view Kyle’s work at