Two Scams to watch out for

I can personally attest to this John Watson scam.  Charlene Fort
From: Mitzi Kugler <>
Subject: Two Scams to watch out for

There are two scams that artists need to watch out for and tell their artists friends about;
1. Emailing you about a piece for sale on your website.
Have a conversation about it online.
Here is the phrase the watch for, I'm sending you a "cashiers check" FRAUD do not respond and send in a fraud alert. Delete the email and dump your trash. Also I changed all my passwords. Be vigilante and ask others artists if it doesn't sounds right.
The name he used was; John Watson
2. If you are in a show, do not respond to someone selling the email list. Shows don't sell their lists- FRAUD Please contact the show and let them know that this is happening. Tell all of your artist friends about these two new frauds directed at artists. These are two that tried to get me this week to me. CREEPS