Standing 2020 Committees

Planning Committee

Leader of Group:Lynn Kennisomn: 503-997-5859

  • Sharon Dunham: 503-524-7745
  • Mitzi Kugler: 503-939-7130

Gathering of the Guild

  • Co-Chair Serena Smith: (applications, publicity and finance), 
  • Co-Chair Sharon Dunham: (general and pre-show arrangements), 
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Greta Schneider, 
  • Group Booth Chairs OPEN 
  • Publicity Chair: Carlyne Lynch,
  • Volunteers: Rosalind Cooper, Sue Bradley, Sharon Marshall, Rose and Gerald McBride

Website Staff

Leader of the Group: Carlyne Lynch—503-694-2716

  • Event Manager: Lisa Guerreo—503-956-0503
  • Rae Campbell—503533-1117
  • Kate Nicklos—503-601-5820

Membership Group

Leader of Group: Margie Rieff—503-358-2551

  • Becky Magnuson—503-320-4268

Facebook Group

Leader of the Group: Margie Rieff: 503-358-2551

  • Lyn Kennison: 503-997-5859
  • Carlyne Lynch—503-694-2716
  • Stephanie Johnson—503-234-2530

Marketing Group

Leader of Group: Linda Gerrard—503-804-3105

  • Tammy Coleman—503-730-0682
  • Greta Schneider—503678-7999
  • Cheri (Melt Glass)

Play Day Group

Leader of Group: Margie Rieff—503-358-2551

  • Carlyne Lynch: 503-694-2716
  • Lisa Guerreo—503-956-0503
  • Greta Schneider—503678-7999
  • Suzanne Tyler— 503-332-7711