Stained Glass of Mt. Hood

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John Tangney
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Because of downsizing to a smaller house, we no longer have a place for a beautiful stained glass of Mt. Hood that we bought 10 years ago from the Gallery at Alder Creek. It was not previously for sale, and he only sold it to us because we had been asking about it for several years and a truck had just plowed into his shop and he seemed to need cash until insurance kicked in. Anyway, it is overall about 64” wide and 37.5 “ tall. Just the glass is 54.5” wide and 27” tall. Here are some images in different lighting:
<IMG_2696e[2].jpg>  <IMG_2691ae[3].jpg>
<JT5_2124e[3].jpg>  <JT5_2123e[4].jpg>
We no longer have a place for this so we are looking to sell it to someone who could display it as it deserves. It was created by an artist in the Rhododendron area, but I do not have her name. Supposedly she has since moved to Arizona and may now be back in the NW. We are not looking to make any profit on this, so are willing to sell it for the same $2000 we paid for it (I can send copy of receipt if requested). If you are interested in it please contact me!
It does fit (barely) in the back of our Toyota Highlander, so we can deliver it.
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