Searching for name/contact of Portland reverse glass painter

Ok guild members I’m hoping someone out there can help Kathy with this inquiry.   Charlene

Contact info: kathy weidenbaum, 2108230027

When we lived in Portland, we saw some work done by a local Portland artist (a guy) who did reverse glass painting. His content was contemporary. And he usually painted on reclaimed windows. He had a studio in Slabtown for years. We first saw his work probably sometime in 2007 or 2008 on display in the now closed Bridgeport Brew Pub in The Pearl. For at least a few years, he kept that studio in Slabtown. One work that I distinctly remember was a large vertical piece, probably around 3ft x 7ft, of Koi fish. Shoulda bought it when I first saw it. Are you familiar with his work, who he is and how I can reach him to see what are his current offerings? Thanks for your help.