Scrap Glass for Middle School Students

Contact info: Tara Nunimaker, 5034498808


I'm an art teacher at Judson Middle School in Salem and am beginning to build an art glass curriculum, starting with mosaics and fused glass and moving on to stained glass in the future. I was hoping that if any guild members have any spare scrap glass for mosaics or fusing (e.g. sheet, frit, stringers, etc) that they could donate and/or don't want any longer, that I could be contacted and use it for my students. I know glass is expensive–I worked as a lampworker and stained glass artist in the past–and that likely guild members hold onto their glass. Another teacher in my district was gifted tons of fusing glass by an elderly glass artist who is no longer working, so it inspired me to reach out to all those glass artist out there. Thank you for your time and consideration.