Renewal Email for PNWGG/OGG 2020


Renewal Letter for PNWGG/OGG 2020   

Welcome back!! And Happy New Year!

We'd love to see you at our events this coming year.

This email is being sent to all OGG members to encourage renewal for the 2020 year. If you have already paid, then please disregard the email. 

Please renew by going to the website, log in as a member, click Renew for 2020 and follow the directions. Since you are a returning member, unless there are changes, all you need to do is either send your check to Lesley Kelly, our treasurer, P.0. Box 1830, Fairview, OR 97024 or pay by the Square on the OGG website.

The Oregon Glass Guild is in transition and changing its name to Pacific Northwest Glass Guild ( to better embody a more regional representation of its membership and expand to southwest Washington and other locations. PNWGG is now one large organization rather than separate geographical chapters. PNWGG is a very open group of people who readily help each other with glass related issues. We have been impressed at the group's warmth, caring and sharing.

Look at the website for the calendar, meetings, new activities and events.

Let us know if you have any problems with signing up.


Margie Rieff   (503 358-2551)


Becky Meinhart (503 320-4268)