OGG Announcements Email

We will be accepting donations for the Empty Bowls booth now know as Clay Works Community & now donating to the Sunshine Division. These donations will be sold in the booth at the Waterfront Blues Festival over the 4th of July. It is a great way to get rid of old stuff or things you are just sick of looking at and taking up room. If you live on the west side of Portland call Sharon Dunham 503-860-5709 and if your on the east side call  Lyn Kennison 503-997-5859 to make arrangements for drop-off. Also don’t forget to sign up for the Fuse a thon May 9 at Bullseye glass. All the glass made will be donated to the Empty Bowls booth for sales going to The Sunshine Division. It is fun to play with free glass and it’s for a worthy cause.