Important information for the Gathering of the Guilds

Happy holidays everyone!  I am the new chair for the glass guilds section of the Gathering of the Guilds show.  The show will be the first weekend of May, 2020 so please put it on your calendar now.  I expect to have the applications out in mid-December, before Christmas, so please keep an eye out.  You can always email me at if you did not see the application or have questions about it. 

Major change to the show this year is the floor plan.  This change will allow us to have 5×10 booths again which will allow new vendors and vendors of small products (like beads) to show with us. These will be 5 foot deep and 10 foot wide booths.  We will only have 4 foot draped walls between booths.  The base price of a 5×10 will be $200 (base rate for a 10×10 remains $380), and only one vendor in a 5×10 (two vendors may share a 10×10).  We will plan on having the group booth and pedestal booth again, as well.  On the application you will be able to rank your choice of booth styles that will work for you.

We will also change the commission schedule.  The top rate (no volunteer hours) is 20%.  If you volunteer 4 hours or more during the show, your rate will be 12%. There are a limited number of jobs that need to be done before the show, for people who do these jobs the rate will be 8%. 

There might be some other small changes, but these are the biggies that I wanted to let you know about in advance.  The important thing for us is to know that you will consider applying for the show, and also to spread the news and get some of our past vendors and NEW vendors to show with us.

I have attached the information for submitting images for promotional purposes.  Please submit your images as soon as you can, particularly of work you expect you will be selling at the show.

Thank you,