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Once you login you can see the “Member” only content. The “FOR MEMBERS” tab is now visible:

  • MEMBERS CONTACTS LIST: This is where you can look up names and information on fellow members. You can opt out of allowing other members to see your information, However, this is NOT recommended!
  • LIBRARY: Information desk and more help and how-to files, Recent offers and “Classifieds”, Periodicals (newsletters, meeting minutes), Reference (articles about glass art and business), and Guild Documents and Polices (official stuff).
  • MY PROFILE: This is critical member information and needs to review on a regular basis. Edit your profile by clicking on the wheel or gear icon just below your image.
  • MY ACCOUNT: This is where you reset your password, set privacy settings for the Member Contact List, and manage your Account (Username, first and last name, e-mail address). NOTE: email address updates need to be sent to Webmaster so our mail program sends you communication notices! About Privacy settings: Your public profile contains only your first and last names, city and state, website (if you provided a website).
  • LOGOUT: Another place where you can log out of site.