Group purchase of Silkemat

Group purchase of Slikemat

At the last Fusers Group meeting, we talked about a new product called Silkemat that we were curious about and decided to do a group purchase to get some to try out.  After we had already placed our order, I heard from a few other people that said that they too were interested and would like to get some Silkemat to try out, so, I’m going to do another group purchase. If you would like to participate, here are the details.

1. If you’re not familiar with the product, it is similar to fiber paper, but non-carcinogenic and can be used with water or a rigidizer to make temporary or semi-permanent molds. Here are a couple of links to videos that show how to use the products: and

2. I make no guarantees about the actual products. I have some from the original group purchase, but haven’t yet tried it out.

3. I will be purchasing from D&L art glass where I have a wholesale account and which currently has a sale on the 24” square size Silkemat and 1 quart size of Rigidizer.

4. If we have at least 3 participants wanting to get the 1/2 gallon size of Rigidizer, we can get a quantity discount which actually makes it cheaper than the sale price on the 1 quart size, so if you only want one quart, I recommend buddying up with someone to split a half gallon.

5. I can’t guarantee what the final exact pricing will be because I don’t know in advance how many people will participate and won’t know shipping costs until after the order is placed. The prices below are my best estimates based on the previous purchase and shipping costs and assuming no quantity discounts.

a) 12” square x 1/4” thick Silkemat, $11.23 + $1.58 shipping = $12.81 *

b) 24” square x 1/4” thick Silkemat, $38.59 + $5.44 shipping = $44.03

c) 1 quart rigidizer, $12.69 + $1.79 shipping = $14.48

d) 1 half gallon rigidizer, $26.51 + $3.74 shipping = $30.25 *

* Items a) and d) may qualify for quantity discounts which would lower their cost.

6. D&L may have temporary stock shortages of some of the items that we order.  I will ask them to hold the order until all items are in stock so we only pay one shipping charge.  That may result in a substantial delay in receiving our order, so if you’re in a hurry, you may want to place an order independently.

7. I will place the order on May 16th, the day after the next Fusers Group meeting.  If you would like to participate, you can either give me your order at the Fusers Group meeting, or email it to me before May 16th.  Please send your email orders to and please mention Silkemat in the subject line.  If you don’t get a confirmation reply from me, I didn’t get your email.

8. Since I don’t know exact costs, I am not going to ask for payment in advance, so please only place an order if you are sure you want the products and are willing to pay at least the amounts shown above. The actual costs may be slightly higher due to unpredictable shipping costs, but may also be a bit lower due to quantity discounts.

9. I will send participants an email with delivery details after I receive the products from D&L.  If possible, I will try to bring the products to an OGG or Fusers Group meeting for distribution, but otherwise, I will expect participants to make arrangements to pick up their items from me within a couple of weeks of delivery.


Bob Heath

 PS  this is from Charlene… I’ve been using Silkemat for about 6 months now and have found it to be absolutely wonderful for slumping   If you don’t rigidize it, then it will pick up some of the texture of the loose material   However it isn’t obnoxious   I’ve not tried to rigidize it because I have re-used it over and over for various shapes   I personally love the stuff    Charlene