Glass Owl Eyes Needed

I promised a friend I would make replacement eyes for his owl fireplace andirons but my first attempts failed and then I moved. I’m still not set up to work glass in Albuquerque. The zillions of glass owl eyes on the web are made with paint or paper on the back, but for sitting in front of a fireplace, the eyes have to be all glass.
Does one of you OGG glass artists, torch, furnace, or kiln, want this small commission? Minimum 1 pair matching eyes; desired 2 pairs. Diameter 1-1/16”. Height 1/2”. Pupil appears from front to be 9/16”. Weight 11 grams (3/8 oz). See photos below.
Happy New Year!

Contact Kathy Engholm

Yellow color not accurate in the above frontside photo.

Actual yellow color applied to back only is close but slightly darker than in the above backside photo. I will identify the desired Bullseye frit or rod color for matching.

The black and yellow glasses are applied only to the back of the eye, but the shape of the clear glass acts as a lens to make the pupil appear 3D.

Charlene Fort/Morning Sun Studio, Hood River, OR.