Glass Mantle

Contact info: LJ Brosell, 206-660-0905

I am looking for information about the requirements for a glass mantle for my fire place and was hoping that this inquiry could go out to your members to see if someone might be interested in working with us. I have no idea what options are available, or if this is even a reasonable quest. I have seen some fused glass sheets that are amazing but I am open to all ideas.

My fireplace is very standard – my husband tiled the hearth and face with travertine.

The piece (or pieces) for the mantle will be approximately 72" wide and 12"-14" deep – and whatever width needed to support that expanse of glass. (I am not opposed to a backer for the glass if needed, but thought that it would be amazing to have a mantel where the light could go through it).

I am open to having a wrought iron frame to support the glass, with maybe spindle/spiral legs down to the hearth to add depth (if the design warrants the need for that much support).

Thanks. LJ Brosell