Fwd: Rescheduling the Gathering of the Guilds show

Dear Members, 
As you might have already heard, the show in May will not happen.  However, we have the opportunity to reschedule for later in the year, which might mean more of our members would be able to apply.  The show might be a little different, but in order to plan it we need your input.

The dates when the Convention Center has space available for us are:

  • October 23-25 (two day show, smaller venue)
  • Oct 28Nov 1 (three day show, regular size venue, this option duplicates what we currently do)
  • Nov 13-15 (two day show, regular size venue)
  • Dec 3-5 (two day show, smaller venue)
Please respond as soon as you can with your thoughts and availability.  As you know, a lot goes on behind the scenes to produce this show, just know that we are working on the best solution to be able to have a show that will be a success for our artists!
Charlene Fort/Morning Sun Studio, Hood River, OR.