Fwd: OGG Announcements Email – PPE donations point of contact

Hello again, OGG Friends!
Given the additional restrictions for distancing and ease of restrictions for donations of Personal Protection Equipment, here is the revised plan:
Contact hospitals directly to find out how to donate new and gently used PPE. Thank you for helping to pass this info on! We are all in this together.
At present, hospitals are currently in need of any and all PPE equipment, including unpackaged, gently used items in addition to unopened items. Below is a list of the PPE items needed/links to examples of each:
Clothing Coverage
– disposable shoe covers (if you have any real estate agents friends, they have these often at open houses)
Face and Eye Protection
– safety goggles (must have a gasket that fits to face)
– N95 masksrespirators, and filters
– other masksrespirators, and filters
– nitrile gloves (latex free if possible), all sizes, sealed boxes still preferred
– other waterproof reusable gloves, all sizes
– rubbing alcohol 60% and higher
– hand sanitizer
– disinfecting wipes
Please do not donate items at this time if you or someone else in your home:
(The current CDC guidance on how and when to discontinue home isolation can be found here.)

On Sat, Mar 21, 2020, 7:40 AM Olivia V <oliviavavroch@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi PNW Glass Guild Friends,
I'm emailing to see if you would be willing to help me get the word out there about our studio (Vavroch Glass & Art Studio) acting as one point of contact for donations of new and gently used PPE equipment to healthcare providers in Portland.

Over the past couple of weeks, our studio has been in touch with our stained glass students working in local Portland hospitals 
as nurses and medical technicians to find out what PPE gear they need. At present, hospitals are currently in need of any and all PPE equipment.
We have set up part of our studio as a temporary collection point for sourcing donations of new and gently used PPE from other local artists, studios, and businesses to be donated to medical employees in the Portland area. 
We are in the process of adding an info/donation faq page on our website for specifics about the PPE being requested, the social distancing structures and parameters we are putting in place for collecting and distributing it safely, info on how to contact us to schedule a time for curb-side drop off outside the studio, and other ways people can help.
Please let me know if you have any questions or require further clarification before sharing it.
Also, please feel free to either share this message as is or, if you prefer, pause for a day or so when I'll be able to share a more specifics.
Thank you,
Olivia Vavroch
Vavroch Glass & Art Studio
Portland, OR