Fwd: Large fusing kiln

Contact info: Carol Hall

carol@1568.com, 5032461396

Custom made in Portland
220V, 90A (draws 80)
Base (roll out) is 48"w, 84"l, 34"off the floor.
The foot print of the gantry that supports the lid is 105"h, 48"w, 98.5" l.
Kiln lid exterior is 55"w, 92"l (with cooling fans extension).
Interior of kiln is 12"h.
2" thick fiber shelf is 36"x72"
Quartz rod convection cooling system built in; Programmable
Electric wench mounted on gantry lifts lid.
Partlow controller mounted on gantry
Pull out shelf stores fiber shelf
Cost over $14,000. Asking $7000
Please contact for more photos