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We are in the process of settling a family members estate. He had an inventory of stained glass, a majority of which is Bulleye's glass from when stained glass projects were one of his interests. Most of the glass was purchased between 1998-2005 from what we can determine. We would like to offer this inventory for sale to person's who could use it for their creations. I have an inventory list with pricing that was listed on the glass pieces, however the file is too large to attach to this form. There are also multiple molds that are unused that I believe are for fusing glass pieces. We would be willing to sell the inventory in it's entirety or by the piece for reasonable offered prices. Is there a way to get this information to members of your guild? Is there someone that I could send the Excel spreadsheet of the inventory to so that you can see what we have? I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Kayla Soleglad
Portland, Oregon


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