Fwd: Join Us Live

Even though my name is not included on this announcement, I will be working this event with Andy as both an assistant with the rollup and the narrator for the event.   

This is also an introduction to those of you who may want to commission us to do a panel of your own.   Watch and see where you go with us.   

Join Us LIVE May 2nd at 12pm

7FUSED Ad no4.jpg

Join us for a special unique live event collaborating four PNW Glass Artists, Saturday May 2nd at 12pm.

Collaboration often results in extraordinary outcomes.

This is true of Andy Nichols work with fused glass artists Ann Cavanaugh, Vicki Green, and Kevin Kanyo.

Through discussion, experimentation, and expertise, 10” x 8” fused glass tiles are rolled into beautiful vessels.

Watch the whole process and join the discussion when we go live May 2nd at noon.

See you there.

How do I tune into the Live Steam?

Go to Nichols Art Glass Facebook page by clicking the button below and see the event for the scheduled live stream, while logged into Facebook you can click “get reminders” or simply wait until 12pm on the 2nd of May.

At the schedule time, the live stream will appear where the photo above is now.

Depending on your device and operating system, you may need to refresh your page.

If its 12.05 on May 2nd and you cant find it, please hit the button below again and find the live stream on the Facebook page.