Fwd: Fused glass

Contact info: sally
sallydamewood@gmail.com, 503-970-2519

HI, we have some fused glass that we had in our front door and the side lights…we are replacing it with clear glass for more light, but I am wondering what to do with the glass we have? Any ideas? the biggest piece is 35 inches by 60 and 1/2" thick… not sure on side lights… my guess is 12×36… George Bathow was the original artist.  He was up on Alberta in NE Portland. He is not there anymore… My husband said he paid around $1000 total. It is blue.. I have pictures and will email you.  It is heavy!!   

Sally was able to contact George Bathow to find out the COE of these panels.  It is 90.   Price is negotiable but much cheaper than the original selling price.