Business for Sale: Wired Up Art Hangers

picture wire hangers for glass and metal art

Hello OGG Members,

It isn’t practical for me to continue making and selling Wired Up Art hangers now that I live in Albuquerque. Staying in business would require unreasonable price increases because the cost of sheet aluminum here is twice what it is in Portland and businesses pay almost 8% in “gross receipts” taxes to the state and city, in addition to income taxes.

My hope is to sell the business to somebody eager to take responsibility for promoting the products, make products with excellent quality, respond to customer inquiries and orders promptly, and comply with their locality’s business regulations. The buyer needs to know how, or hire appropriate help, to maintain the WordPress-based website and the Square online store, both of which are very basic, plus the email account.

Elements of the business that will transfer to the buyer include the following:

*       “Wired Up Art” trademark and exclusive right to sell products with this name
* internet domain
*       Hosting account for the domain and the website
* website
*       Square online store
*       Financial records
*       List of parts, materials, and contact info for the suppliers
*       Electronic files for logos, text, and images used on labels, instruction sheets, and all other printed or online materials
*       3 custom tools used for making the hangers
*       List of the 4 commercially-available hand tools used for making the hangers (these tools are not included in the sale)
*       Instructions and training on making the hangers
*       1 sample each of 6×6 and 12×12 hangers
*       Modest amount of materials inventory (adhesive, wire, cartons for the 12×12″ hangers, and package label stock)

Buyer will need to do the following when taking charge of the business:

*       Register a new business with your state if you don’t already have a registered business that can include this type of product and activities. Sole Proprietorship is adequate.
*       Update ownership data for the domain name
*       Update ownership data for the domain and web hosting account
*       Update email account data for the domain
*       Update ownership data for the Square online store
*       Update website and Square store “Contact” links
*       Add the email account to email applications on your phone and pc, or configure the email service with forwarding and/or aliases to your existing email account(s).
*       Purchase the commercially-available hand tools and inventory ofparts and materials for products and their packaging
*       Update your insurance policy accordingly

Feel free to ask questions.

Kathy Engholm <>