Fwd: Batik Play Day at Shirley Bishop’s Studio!!

From: Margery Rieff <rieff@frontier.com>

Subject: Batik Play Day at Shirley Bishop's Studio!!

Sunday, Feb. 2nd
Time:  1-3pm
Studio13 Glass Art
36311 SE 3rd Circle
Washougal, WA
Shirley Bishop – please email or text or call to reserve your spot – 360-991-3081- studio13glassart@gmail.com
Limited to 8 people

What is Batik? You sift three colors or more of powders onto an opal glass base. You then carve through the powder layers with a variety of tools (dental, ceramic tools and even frit jar tops) to expose the pattern and various colors.  Both depth and details are created. This is an exciting method to learn!!

Get to know other glass artists in a "warm glass" environment and it doesn't have to cost you anything.

Bring 3-4 pieces of opal colored glass for the bases.  Best size:  6" X 6"  If you don't have any, I can provide for a cost.
Bring bright colored opal powder frits – suggested 6-8 colors – or you can use mine for a cost.
Bring tools you want to use for engraving into the powdered frit – I will provide some.
I can fire your pieces for $10 each or you can take them home to fire.  Bring something safe to transport them home.

Thank you Shirley for sharing your studio! Margie Rieff