Fwd: Art Glass, Supplies, Kilns for sale etc

Hi Charlene

I wanted to share what is available for sale at the studio with you.  I'm going to put a general list here and then let me know if you need anything else to share with your people

I am attaching a general list of the sheet glass that I have.

General List

Kiln – with computer controller – 18" x 24" x 36 (older firemaster ceramic kiln converted) $400 (needs one new relay)

Large Bell Kiln – 12ft by 8ft by 21" deep runs on 3phase – 240 amps  and comes with 4 corderite shelves.  $50,000

Large Sheet Class Inventory / All Bullseye in full and 1/2 sheets.  All 50% off retail.  See attached inventory list.

Casting billets in 96 and unknown coe.  Several boxes of very nice clear.

Also several boxes of custom made iridized clear cut into shapes, but would make nice casting glass

Large Array of Bullseye Frit in 5 lbs jars.

Bullseye Color Sample Binder Set

Numerous pieces of 3/8 star fire clear plate glass in 12 by 12 inch pieces.

Glass Casting Mold Steam Out Stand (heavy duty) along with stainless water trays

Lost Wax Casting Supplies including large amount of fresh and reclaimed wax and other tools.

Glass blowing tools- Wood Jacks, flat crimps,….

Other misc supplies, furniture, etc available

Contact Laurel@laughingtara.com

or 503-867-1562

Laurel Marie Sofia-Ravens

Transformational Life Coach and Healer

Laughing Tara Living Arts LLC


"My mission is to ignite your sacred dreams by providing accessible, intimate, and evocative guidance that encourages you to reexamine your dreams and uncover the power hidden within you." 

-Dr. Tererai Trent