Fwd: A New Name – Needs a New Logo: Logo Design Contest

Logo Design Contest

Every organizational brand carries a message or value proposition to its' members. We need our name and logo to reflect our membership and values. These ideas must be transformed and highlighted in a NEW logo. What makes a great logo? It is more than just a visual aid it is to give our brand identity. Our logo can establish a strong identity for our organization and expand our brand from Oregon to the Pacific Northwest.

  • Due date is October 25th
  • Win $50 gift certificate to Bullseye Glass and
  • The appreciation of your Guild


  • Deadline October 25th
  • Submit a minimum of 4 images:
    • A large: 4 1/2 by 4 (roughly estimated as it will depend on shape) Business card or envelope size
    • A small: 1 1/4 by 1 inch (roughly estimated as it will depend on shape) Poster or T-shirt size
    • both in color and black and white
  • Can submit two designs (optional)
  • Can submit written concept (optional)
  • DO NOT have name on piece
  • Submit to OGG Webmaster

Charlene Fort/Morning Sun Studio, Hood River, OR.