Fusible glass/frit/stained glass

Thank you Charlene.  Here are 4 photos,  I have Bullseye fusible full sheets about 18,  half sheets about 30, sizes in between, slumping molds some Spectrum 12x12s, Jars of frit.  List too long to price individually but glass folks know how much this stuff costs and I am motivated so no reasonable offer will be turned down.  I had already priced everything at about 40% of Bullseye pricing.  I have no place to store it now so it is on my front porch. 

  HI, had a glass garage sale this weekend and one of

  members came buy and got some items.  I have a lot of

  Bullseye fusible glass, full sheets, half etc, frit,

  stringers, molds, that has not sold.  Some Spectrum.

  said that you could possibly send a message to

  Will let it go very reasonable.   Thanks Steve  503

  5777.  I am on 157/NE Glisan