Cascadia Center for Arts and Crafts

For those of you in the Oregon Glass Guild that aren't familiar with it, there is an excellent studio about 50 miles from you in one of the most Nationally Historic areas of this part of the country.    There are teaching venues for all types of artistic media welcome for your participation.


This is at Government Camp in some of the re-purposed USFS buildings.  There are areas devoted to torchworking and kiln forming.  Lots of eating and visiting areas.  Cabins that allow convenience to the instructor and of course the scenery.   There is a building for jewelry makers and buildings devoted to blacksmithing and areas for log building.  You might want to consider teaching something or inviting an instructor to come teach and you take the class.  Lots of possibilities.    


Since I sit on the board for the governing body, if you have any questions, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer.  


If you want to take advantage of a great time up on the mountain, here is a blurb about the Blacksmithing Week coming soon.


During the weekend of August 15-18

  Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts, DBA Summit Arts Center located in the Village of Government Camp, on Mount Hood, in Oregon; is seeking corporate sponsorship of the 2019 Blacksmith Week. The annual event is held at the Historic Summit Ranger Station in The Village of Government Camp. Blacksmith Week was established in 2009, and has included two, Western States Blacksmith Conferences. Director of Blacksmithing, Darryl Nelson, has organized and implemented these events for the Traditional Craft of Blacksmithing for smiths and visitors from all over the nation, internationally as well as the visiting public to Mt Hood. The event is open to all. This year’s event is August 15 through 18th. Demonstrators will include David Lisch, the internationally know blade smith, as well as other well known smiths from the Pacific Northwest. ( And of course, Darryl Nelson. We have three demonstrators and 2 instructors as well as a public demonstration area. These demonstrations are only for registered participants.  Registration is at  however, you must be intermediate or higher for these demos and classes. There will be a public demonstration area open two times daily both Friday & Saturday.  Please see website for details. Blacksmithing is one of the integral parts of ‘Cascadian Design’ used throughout the Pacific Northwest; and notably, in the construction of Timberline Lodge. It is our intent to support this traditional craft; teaching, demonstrating and supporting its smiths into the future through our classes, workshops and events.

Charlene Fort/Morning Sun Studio, Hood River, OR.