OGG Glass Guild Logo Design Contest

We are changing our name from the Oregon Glass Guild to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) Glass Guild. This new name will better reflect our membership, message and value proposition. We will VOTE at the State Meeting in October. Please review the rules below. We will offer a $50 Bullseye Glass gift certificate to the winner. The judging will be done without names (blind) and submissions voted on by members present at the meeting. The deadline is October 25th. Submit your questions and designs to the webmaster@oregonglassguild.org


  • Deadline October 25th
  • Submit a minimum of 4 images:
    • A large: 4 1/2 by 4 (roughly estimated as it will depend on shape) Business card or envelope size
    • A small: 1 1/4 by 1 inch (roughly estimated as it will depend on shape) Poster or T-shirt size
    • both in color and black and white
  • Can submit two designs (optional)
  • Can submit written concept (optional)
  • Do not have name on piece
  • Submit to OGG Webmaster


What makes a great logo? It is more than just a visual aid it is to give our brand identity. Our logo can establish a strong identity for our organization and expand our brand from Oregon to the Pacific Northwest. The logo must not be too complex keep it simple: KISS.

  • Know our organization
  • Must be simple
  • Must be memorable
  • Must be versatile and appropriate
  • Do not copy
  • Unique and reflects our organization 
  • Good design builds trust and projects higher quality.
  • Do not make just a beautiful drawing
  • How does it look in different sizes and B&W
  • Do not use clip art or photos
  • Play with keywords (look up in a dictionary if stuck)
  • Gather thoughts onto a idea board before starting your design