Margie Reiff

Artist Statement

Think of curves, nature, gardens, and color. I enjoy making whimsical, imaginative pieces where I feel like I am five years old.  My journey with glass has been fun, exceptional, and mind bending.  

Working under Teri Neville, I gained the skills to experiment with different techniques, and, in spite of mistakes, the pieces always turned out beautifully.  

Over the past decade, I have become a fused glass, multi-day workshop junkie taught by many different talented glass artists from around the country. Of note is Ann Cavanaugh who taught painting thick landscapes with frit (small pieces of glass) and powder. 

Living in the Northwest, the hot bed of glass, I explored functional items, fusing, slumping, sand painting, hot glass manipulation, roll ups, air brushing, painting with enamels, penning, shading, and sgraffito (drawing in glass powder).

I am often surprised when I finish a glass art piece, put it on the mantle, and see that subconsciously I have used my mother’s colors. My mother, a professionally trained artist, crafted collages from her etchings and prints similar to the depth of fused glass. 

My glass has been exhibited at:

  • Infusion Gallery in Troutdale, Lorang Gallery in Cascade Locks
  • Ryan Gallery in Lincoln City
  • A juried Gresham Arts Show: Chromatics.

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