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At top of menu bar, click JOIN.

Then complete PROFILE

Either pay online or send check to Treasurer.

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Members: Please log in with your personal username and password. If you didn’t create your username when you registered, the default that was automatically assigned is your first and last names, typed in as FirstLast (capitalization doesn’t matter for usernames).

The Glass Guild Login Screen

Nobody knows your initial password, so you’ll need to click “Forgot my password” below. You will be asked for your username or the email you registered with OGG, then we’ll email you a link to choose your new password. If this doesn’t work for you,  the webmaster will be happy to help.

NOTE: If you didn’t ask to log in, you might be seeing this Login screen because you navigated to a members-only page and you aren’t logged in, or perhaps because you aren’t a member yet!

Changing Profile Informations

AFTER you Log-in: go to the “For Members” Menu and then go to your “Profile” page” Under your image, lower right, is a gear. Click on it and select “Edit Profile” Scroll down and change it and save. The only thing you need us for is for email addresses.

Browser Compatibility Support

Please review and check you current version of your browser. A safe place to do this is:

Supporting a Website means understanding Web Browsing software and the importance of clearing the users browser caches. When problem solving clearing the browser cache if a good first step.

Understanding the Clearing of the Cache

  • Each time you access a web page, your web browser stores a temporary copy of the files needed to display the web page to you.
  • Those temporary files are called the browser cache.
  • If your cache is not updating properly or if it’s stuck, you could be viewing an older version of some of the supporting files that run
  • If you clear the cache, this will force your browser to fetch all of the files for a website again, so you will see the most recent version of the page.
  • Instructions for clearing your browser cache will be different for each browser and version.
  • Look up the clearing of your cache on the Web, for your browser, as this is a important SECURITY issue for your computer not just for our site but many other sites.

Clearing Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data, stored in text files, that are stored on YOUR computer or other devices when websites are loaded in a browser. They are mostly used to “remember” you and perform essential functions which allow users to register and login.

  • requires the use of browser cookies order for our site to work properly. If you have trouble with some sections of your site, you may wish to check to make sure you have cookies enabled.
  • Generally, unless you have privacy concerns, we would NOT recommend that you clear all browser cookies, as that will affect your experience using other websites.

JavaScript Needs Enabled

  • For the best experience on you need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. This page will tell you whether you have JavaScript enabled or not, and has instructions how to enable it in the most popular browsers:
  • If you find yourself getting logged out from frequently and having trouble posting or editing our site, or if you are having difficulty using the “Preview” option, you may not have “third-party cookies” enable in your browser.
  • NOTE: Some ad-blockers and anti-virus browser extensions can sometimes block JavaScript. Try disabling those extensions and check if the My Site pages work correctly. If so, add an exception for to the browser extension/add-on, and it shouldn’t block our code anymore.

Other Troubleshooting

If you are still having trouble, here are a few more things to try:

  • Upgrade your browser and extensions to the latest versions available.
  • Make sure, and their subdomains (* / * are not blocked by your browser. This also applies to your firewall or anti-virus software settings if you have any.
  • Try an alternate browser. If it works, then the issue is with the browser settings. Look for troubleshooting tips on your browser’s support documentation.
  • Try an alternate computer in the same location. If another computer works, then the issue is computer settings on the first one.
  • Try an alternate location that has a different Internet Service Provider. If it works, the issue is with your local network.

Access the Library for Classifieds, Newsletters and Meeting Minutes

Contact the Webmaster and be able to answer questions above.

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