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February 21 - February 27
  • 21
    Sunday, February 21

    Zoom General Meeting

    4:00 pm-6:00 pm

    We will take a tour of the new website and learn how to upload photos to the Members’ Gallery on PNW Glass Guild website.


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    Monday, February 22
    No events
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    Tuesday, February 23
    No events
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    Wednesday, February 24
    No events
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    Thursday, February 25
    No events
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    Friday, February 26
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  • 27
    Saturday, February 27

    Zoom Play Day: Fossil Vitria

    10:00 am-11:30 am

    Play Day this Sat. 2/27, 10am via Zoom: Fossil Vitria

    How do you use leaves and other organic matter to shape glass powder? This is sometimes called Fossil Vitria. Karen Seymour ( be hosting a Play Day for Pacific NW Glass Guild members to explore this topic this Saturday, Feb 27th from 10 to 11:30 am via Zoom. Supplies are pictured with inset of results. Since the Guild would prefer you to renew your membership on the new website, which should be ready in about a week, I’ll take your word that you will pay your dues ($45) as soon as you can. Once the site is live, members can log into to see the video and handout.

    Supplies List:

    1) pressed dry leaves: finely divided things work best (ferns, evergreens, lace-leaf maple, horsetail). You can even use paper or clean silvery mylar packaging and cut it into snowflakes etc. Or get some Valentine’s doilies.

    2) pre-fired fiber paper (the 1/8″ or thicker ceramic felt, NOT kiln paper). Take it to 1425 to burn out the binder or you may get devit.

    3) a tray or something to put the fiber paper on and carry your finished piece to the kiln.

    4) a clear piece of glass the size and shape of your finished piece (thin or 3mm, both work: I usually use thin for the first firing and then flip it and add an additional clear or opal piece of glass on top for a second firing)

    5) glass powder in your desired color(s)

    6) powder sifter. A small paintbrush and a dissecting needle are handy too if you have them.

    7) newspaper or something to catch excess powder and something to save the powder in until next time

    8) cheap hairspray, I use White Rain (“unscented” but it stinks).

    9) You can use a larger leaves as a template rather than a stencil. If you want to try it have some gel: CMC powder (food grade carboxy-methyl cellulose) in water, Vitrigel, Aloe Vera, Glastac etc. mixed 1 part gel to 2 parts glass powder to make a spreadable paste and a tool like a palette knife to spread the mixture on the leaf.

    Charlene Fort/Morning Sun Studio, Hood River, OR.


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