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NOTE: Shipping handled by Artist and Buyer

Heidrun Morgan: “For the Love of Bees” 21″” X 26″ 203-426-5176. $1700

Karen Seymour: “Flames Solar Powered Lantern”
12″ X 4″ X 4″
206-525-1577. $595

Suzanne V Tyler: “Hen and Eggs” 12″ diameter
copper foil stain-glass method . $ 200 503-332-7711

Suzanne V Tyler: “Mosaic Mirror” “20” X 20″
mosaic tiles in a pattern on a wood backing board. $200 503-332-7711

Linda Ethier: Heaven’s Dance. Not for Sale.
76″ X 58″ Leaded stained glass. 503-238-5776
Fabrication by Jakub Kucharczyk,
The Glaziery, Portland OR.

JANICE A PIERCY: Blue Dream. Not for Sale. 22″ X 33″
multi-dimensional window art with unique
old vintage frame. 509-859-2944

Richard Glenn: Don’t Shoot. Not for Sale
Sandblasted mirror, etched float glass, India ink, blood

Don’t Shoot details

Sharon W Dunham: “Welcome to Florida”.
glass mosaic on wood substrate. 12″X12″.

Not for Sale (commissions welcome).

Trish Collins: Tranquil Eyes. Mosaic using Glass Fusions, Recycled Kiln Fired Glass, Glass Beads. 17″X14″
778-352-2402. $750

Kathy Worth: Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse 12″ X 24″. Not for Sale. Stained Glass Mosaic.

Richard Glenn: Self Reflection. Not for Sale
Sandblasted mirror, vintage gilded wood frame

Self Reflection details

Trish Collins: Rain Drops On Old Vines.
Mosaic w/fired Tessarae. 778-352-2402. $550

Trish Collins: Enerj Eyes. Mosaic w/fired Tessarae and beads.
17″X14″. 778-352-2402. $750

Sharon W Dunham: “Out My Backdoor”. glass mosaic table. 15″X15″X 18″ Not for Sale (commissions welcome) 503-860-5709

Table view

Trish Collins: Silver Linings “Glass on Glass” Mosaic using Glass Fusions 24″X12″
778-352-2402. $950

Athena Hornsby: “Koi Commotion”. 19.5″ X 9.5″
360-708-3279 $450

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