Cavanaugh Fused Glass

18) Ann Cavanaugh

25605 NE Cooley Road,
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Few media attract like glass. Color and light transform in ways that are unique. It has vibrancy and depth not achieved by other art forms. The processes of producing and shaping glass uses basic elements of earth and fire. Glass once valued only as a utilitarian material is now celebrated for the clarity, transparency and luminescence found in contemporary art glass.

I grew up roaming and “making” in the outdoors of Oregon. Early exposure to formal art instruction and lots of room for experimentation has culminated in my being a maker of glass. The glass I make reflects the textures and colors of the natural world.

I have developed a technique which used many forms of compatible glass. These glass colors and textures are layered on top of each other in a tray. The tray is placed in a kiln, dammed with kiln bricks and fired. Once fired the piece shows depth of layers, and movement of glass heated to a liquid state.


I am represented by a galleries on the west coast and participate in several Pacific Northwest art shows. Currently I am participating in:

  • The Cannon Beach Stormy Weather Celebration – DargonFire        Gallery Nov 3-5
  • Clark County (WA) Open Studio Tour Nov 11-12
  • The Oregon Glass Studio Tour Nov 11-12
  • The Audubon Wild Arts Festival Nov 18 – 19
  • The Big 500 Dec 9-23