Carlyne Lynch

I grew up in the industrial ceramic industry and have recently retired from Tosoh Quartz a glass machining and glass blowing company for the high tech industry in Portland, Oregon. As a Tosoh Quartz instructional designer I needed to learn the basics of glass blowing to begin development of training materials. I got hooked and now I am a full time retired glass artist.

I combine torch work, glass powder, glass pieces, and glass paint to create 5-9 layer pieces. I still do some bead work but lately I have been making more elements to embed in glass. I do extensive
custom work and I am well known for my flower beads and “duck” beads, as I am a diehard Oregon Duck alumna. I have a vitrigraph kiln and create much of my own cane.
For my fused work, I will often start with photos. I use several layered techniques: Ann Cavanaugh’s tray method, Paul Messink’s multilayered panel technique, and combinations of both. I am always surprised when the kiln opens. Working with glass is fun and challenging and also allows me to harness my abundance of energy in a creative way.

My bead work is just therapy and has developed into creating components for my glass fusing. I am passionate about landscapes and pieces that tell stories. I joined the Glass Guild three years ago and have learned no much. This will be my second Open Studio and look forward to meeting you all. 

Awards and Recognitions:

Cover and Featured in French Prairie Living Magazine 2018

Featured in Charbonneau Art Show  2017/2018

Best Emerging Artist – Las Vegas Show 2017

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