Enamel Play Day

2:00 pm-4:00 pm11/15/2020 Day 2 of Enamel Play Day. If you missed last week’s meeting watch video #3. Link to videos is located HERE. (available to members only) I will add the invite links two days before meeting to the calendar post. Let’s paint with enamels with other members using the Playing with Enamels Video 1 & 2 .  We will be able to share screens while you mix your paints and try to paint a small piece of glass.

All are welcome as we will play the videos in the meeting so non-members can view them. Contact communication folks for the invite.

“Pricing Your Glass” Panel Discussion Videos and Handouts

July’s Zoom Panel on Pricing was recorded for those members not able to make it, we now have a YouTube Chanel for hosting our videos. Handouts are also available. Links to the videos and handouts are provided in the “Library/Members Video for Member” tab and please download the PDF’s provided and follow along:

FALL Newsletter

Featured artist is: Lyn Kennison

Newsletter Details: President’s Message, Member Benefits, And A Word From Our Sponsor: MELT, Glass Art Contest Wrap Up, Class Opportunities, Website Update, Coming Events, and Our Sponsors.